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A to Z Challenge 2014 - U is for Undercover

A to Z Challenge 2014 – U is for Undercover


U I decided on another flash fiction for this post so I googled undercover and from there looked at spies and secret agent images until one spoke to me and told me it’s story…


Damnshe screwed up the letter as soon as she finished reading it, everything had been going so well, now it was time to make a decision.  When she had accepted the assignment it had seemed simple, infiltrate the gang,…

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A to Z Challenge 2014 - T is for TED

A to Z Challenge 2014 – T is for TED


T  TED not the serial killer Ted Bundy, or a cuddly bear but the lecture series that I have recently become rather interested in.

I love Sci-fi but I struggled in school with the science stuff, I did okay in Biology but Physics and Chemistry were just too close to maths for my brain to take it all in, words were my passion not numbers.  It may seem strange then that I have come to enjoy watching…

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A to Z Challenge 2014 - R is for Reading

A to Z Challenge 2014 – R is for Reading


R  For a writer what else could R be?

Before I ever dreamed that anyone would ever be interested in reading what I created I spent hours devouring the words of others.  I fell in love for the first time via the written word, had my heart broken, was scared out of my wits and laughed so hard it hurt, all from that combination of letters written in ink on paper.

Today so many youngsters live in a…

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A to Z Challenge 2014 - S is for Sherlock

A to Z Challenge 2014 – S is for Sherlock


S   I have always had a fondness for detective fiction in one guise or another, I have read all the Agatha Christie books be they Miss Marple or Poirot, I have read lots of modern detective fiction but the one that has always had a special place in my affections is Sherlock Holmes.

I remember growing up watching the Basil Rathbone Holmes with my dad, one of the few programmes he watched that…

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A to Z Challenge 2014 - Q is for Quest

A to Z Challenge 2014 – Q is for Quest


Q  I am playing blog catch up as I missed a couple of posts this week so the second post for today is the Q entry.  I  decided to pick the word quaint then use Google images and pick one to write a Flash Fiction based upon it.

So here is the image and the story/scene to go with it…


He paused and looked at the open archway ahead.  This was too easy.  He had been told that this quest would be…

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A to Z Challenge 2014 - P is for Poetry

A to Z Challenge 2014 – P is for Poetry


P I don’t often repost my own stuff but I got behind by a day with this challenge and as it is poetry and I love this poem I wrote I decided to repost this one.

It also fits really well with the O post which I know so many of you really seemed to enjoy.

I would love to know what your favourite poems are either by famous poets or provide a link to your own poem.


The Goddess lies and waits in

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